We scoured the globe for the largest collection of world maps.


A small element with a large impact we found the perfect fit.


Are Maps are hand printed in Noosa using the highest quality ink, canvas & frames.

Make It Personal

We will happily add any words you like to the map.

Beyond The Maps

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Best Sellers

Custom Push Pin Maps Australia specialises in Bring our customers the perfect unique gift idea for any friend or family that loves to travel.

Our Personalised Push Pin Travel Maps are available in more than 50 bold and stunning designs and map styles and each of them can be 100% customised from the colour schemes to the words you want added, the compass designs and even the pin colours we send with the maps. 

Each Map comes with a selection of different coloured pins that can be stuck into the maps to denote either where you have been OR where you’d like to go to next.

We now have over 25 different customisable options for the personalised text you can add to your custom map art, many of them include great options for adding different coloured pins for where you have been already and where you want to go in the future. You can see our eno rmous selection of custom options to the right side of this text.

The Custom Push Pin Maps website was created as a result of a search for the ultimate travel gift idea, a close friend of ours had recently returned from a long trip overseas and we wanted to buy her something she would really enjoy and not tuck away in the cupboard. Something to remember her amazing trip she’s just returned from, after trawling the net for hours looking for something that she would treasure for many years to come, we stumbled upon the idea of creating a personalised map that can be 100% customised, not only with a surname and personalised words but also with totally unique compass designs, and a wide variety of options for the pins that can be stuck into the map to show places visited. 

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