About us

We specialise in creating the Ultimate Unique Gift Idea for any friend or family that loves to travel. Our Custom Push Pin Travel Maps are available in more than 40 great designs and map styles and each of them can be 100% customised from the colour schemes to the words and pin colours. Each Map comes with a selection of different coloured pins that can be stuck into the maps to denote either where you have been OR where you’d like to go to next

Custom Push Pin Maps was created as a result of a search for the ultimate travel gift idea, a close friend had recently returned from a long trip overseas and we wanted to buy her something unforgettable to commemorate her epic travels, after many hours of trawling after many hours  trawling the net looking for something that she would treasure for many years to come, we stumbled upon the idea of creating maps it can be 100% customised, not only with a surname and personalised words but also with totally unique compass designs, and a wide variety of options for the pins that can be stuck into the map to show places visited.

Custom Push Pin Maps is part of the Blue Horizon Prints group of art websites, all of which have a strong focus on creating unique personalised artwork for all occasions. Creating this site was a natural progression fulfilling the need for totally unique gifts for travellers, the pushpin artworks are a guaranteed hit!

Blue Horizon Prints is based in Noosaville, Queensland, on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, if you’re in the area feel free to pop by and visit our design studio where you will find this beavering away creating a massive range of Stretched Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Wall decals and much much more.

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