Design Questions

Can I personalise my map?
Absolutely, we specialise in custom pushpin maps and offer the largest variety of map designs out of anyone doing what we do, each of our personalised pin board maps allows you to choose the wording you would like, many of our maps also allow you to choose the colour you would like. When ordering you are also given the option to choose your opinion to choose your pin colours to suit the map you have chosen and personal tastes. For more information about the ordering process and personalising your pushpin travel map please visit this page, we cover every aspect of the custom design in great detail.  
What part of the map can we customise?
Any part of the legend can be fully customised, most customers simply add words such as ‘The Adventures of The Smiths’ however we will happily add additional text, simply write in the notes when ordering, what you would like. This page has more information about this.  
How many changes can I make to my pushpin map?
We allow 3 rounds of changes or updates, i.e. you can request changes three times. No one is ever needed more than this, we’ve always got it right within the first two times.  
Can I see examples of personalised maps the other customers have created?
 You sure can, we’ve created a lookbook showing an ever-increasing number of designs were created to customers, please feel free to reference any of these when ordering if you see something you like.  
Can I buy additional pushpins?
Yes, no problem at all, you can buy additional pins in a wide variety of colours here.  
Will my artwork arrive, ready to hang on the wall?
Absolutely, your artwork arrives with all of its fittings, including picture wire and is ready to go directly onto your wall, you do not need to do anything extra, the maps are custom-made to support the pushpins.
What is the turnaround time for delivery?
After you order we will send you a proof within 48 hours, usually much less, once the proof is approved please allow the following timeframes for delivery within Australia. Delivery prices depends on your location. East Coast Metro: 2-4 Business Days TAS, NT, WA Metro: 4-7 Business Days East Coast Rural: 4-7 Business Days TAS, NT, WA: 5-9 Business Days
Do you ship internationally?
We sure do, here is a current list of countries and delivery prices, please allow around 10-14 days for international orders. France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium                            $20 Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal                                                        $25 Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Poland, Greece, Canada    $30 New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico                           $40