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Here at custom pushpin maps, we like to think that maps are our thing, we specialise in creating gorgeous personalised maps for our customers and as such we developed a bit of an affinity for maps! Yes I know it’s a bit nerdy but more can I say 🙂

We’ve put together 20 most amazing maps we found on the web, hopefully, like ourselves or you will be blown away! It was a difficult choice and we would like to add to the list maps that we’ve missed, please feel free to let us know if we missed any more spectacular maps as I’m sure we have!

  1. Global Internet Map

Global Internet Map

   2. Map of all hurricanes and tropical storms since 1851

Map of all hurricanes and tropical storms since 1851

     3. Map of rivers

     4. Each and every road in Australia

     5. Map of shadows in NYC

6How animals will have to migrate because of climate change

   7. Map of the Air Traffic network

   8. Connectivity Atlas

   9.  Map of flight patterns

   10. Map Of Every Earthquake Since 1898

   11. Real Size Of Africa

   12. Rivers That Feed Into Mississippi

   13. The Circle Of Life

   14. World Flag Map

   15. Wind Map

   16. Mapping Facebook connections

   17. Lights on Lights Out! Nighttime Map of Earth

   18. Map of 6.3 billion geotagged tweets

   19. The world’s most and least ethnically diverse countries

   20. Meet the world’s 26 remaining monarchies


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